CTA_EIE_Logo_LRThe Chaplain Training Academy (CTA) is a faith-based educational nonprofit corporation which provides educational seminars, continuing education, and training for chaplains serving in a variety of chaplaincy settings, to include specialized publications, basic and advanced certificate courses, clinical pastoral education, mentoring and supervision, and board/specialty certification programs in partnership with other institutions and professional associations of chaplaincy, pastoral care, and counseling.

March 2022 Update: CTA 5100 – Foundations for Chaplaincy and CTA 6200 – Principles of Self-Care are now available for enrollment. All students will earn 5 Countinuing Education Units per course which can also be applied toward the Basic Chaplain Certificate. 

CTA also offers an accredited, distance-learning Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program that allows participants to perform ministry in specialized settings, such as, the local parish, mental health institutions, hospitals, military bases, community centers, hospices, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and more. All didactics, individual, and group supervision are conducted online. For more information, please download our current Distance-Learning CPE Program Application.

The Chaplain Training Academy specializes in training chaplains at all levels towards greater proficiency by delivering practical course content via an innovative eLearning platform accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone device. eLearning utilizes digital technologies to access educational course content outside of a traditional classroom setting. Methods of instruction include live webinars, videos, audio, discussion boards, PDF articles, practical exercises, and reflection papers. For more information, please email Chaplain Training Academy.

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