Most courses are self-paced and delivered in an easy-to use and highly interactive Learning Management System (LMS) or eLearning platform. Chaplain Training Academy specializes in eLearning which uses digital technologies to access educational course content outside of a traditional classroom setting. Methods of instruction involve video, audio, discussion boards, PDF articles, practical exercises, and reflection papers.

Chaplain Training Academy has developed the following continuing education courses for professional chaplains:

CTA 5100: Introduction to Chaplaincy
CTA 5200: Leadership and Ministry Skills
CTA 5300: Principles of Spiritual and Pastoral Care
CTA 5400: Crisis and Trauma Care
CTA 5500: Professional Chaplain Competencies
CTA 5600: Distance Learning Clinical Pastoral Education (Half-Unit)

CTA 6100: Resilient Leadership
CTA 6200: Principles of Self-Care
CTA 6300: Moral Injury and Soul Care
CTA 6400: Suicide Prevention and Postvention

CTA 7100: Ethical Advisement and Moral Leadership
CTA 7200: The Constitution, Religious Freedom and Chaplaincy
CTA 7300: Military Chaplaincy: Faith, Institution, and Diplomacy

Special Note: The above courses are currently being built into a Learning Management System. Please visit our contact page to send us an email and request to be notified of our upcoming course schedule.

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