Brian Bohlman

Dr. Brian Bohlman is an author, professor, board certified chaplain, and has served in the U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps as a Colonel. He is a graduate of Air University, Liberty University, Columbia International University, and Erskine Theological Seminary. He has also taken post-graduate courses at St. Thomas University and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Among his numerous military and civilian awards, he was named the Chaplain of the Year in the Air National Guard in 2013.

In 2002, his family founded Operation Thank as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires America’s bravest through a ministry of encouragement and various educational outreach programs. In 2015, he founded the Chaplain Training to provide online webinars, practical training, and continuing education courses for professional chaplains serving around the world in a variety of chaplaincy settings.

He currently serves on the National Board of Directors of the Military Chaplains Association (MCA) of the USA and served as an editor for the Voices of Chaplaincy book trilogy to be released by the MCA. He is a life member of the Military Officers Association of America, National Guard Association, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Military Chaplains Association of the USA. He is also a member of the Association of Professional Chaplains, National Association of VA Chaplains, Oates Institute, and the Association of Practical Theology. He and his family reside in South Carolina.

His best-selling books So Help Me God: A Reflection of the Military Oath and For God and Country: Considering the Call to Military Chaplaincy are available in print or digital download from Proceeds from his books help support military families and send care packages to deployed military chaplains.

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